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Really Good Innovation is a curated collection of the best innovation resources, with new inspiration posted daily. The collection includes templates, tools, books, etc and is organized according to topics like "idea generation" to help you innovate now.
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Hello dear Product Hunters, I am Robin, Co-Founder of Really Good Innovation and student at Copenhagen Business School, pursuing a Master in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship. πŸ’‘πŸ€“ A lot of the development around us depends on innovation, which can not only foster industry growth, but enables change in society as a whole. 🌎 We feel like it's time to democratize access to the tools of innovation so teams and companies can stop repeating the same old mistakes. ⚑ Being Innovative is not magic. It is about hard work, knowledge creation and working together. Really Good Innovation surfaces the best new innovation resources, every day. It's a place for innovation-loving enthusiasts to share and learn about the latest resources, tools, consultancies and success stories. You can browse through different tools, free templates, videos, books, podcasts, events, stories, courses and consulting firms and find exactly what will help you innovate right now! Take the innovator quiz in order to find out which type of innovator you are and to receive custom recommendations based on your interests πŸ€“ Become a member now in order to get additional benefits such as - Free downloads of all our innovation templates - Possibility to upload resources yourself - Creating your own collection with your favorite resources - Your own profile page with submitted content For new members we were able to secure a limited offer for one of the tools, listed on our website! Sign-up on https://www.reallygoodinnovation... and get an access code. 🀩 Best, Robin P.S. Please let us know what you think! What should we improve? Do you like the innovator quiz? We would love to have your Feedback! ❀
@robin_nessensohn the innovator quiz is fun and useful!
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@jan_renken2 Glad you like it! We try to give you the innovation resources you need!
Hi Robin, love that idea and its implementation! It WOWs and WORKs
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@carina_h Thanks so much Carina!
Very cool!
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@dejan_mitrovic1 Glad you like it! Thanks for the support!
Great UX, very thoughtful. This looks like it’s gonna help me a lot in the near time. Thanks for consolidating all these resources! Great Job
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@jan_renken2 Thanks for the feedback Jan! We want to democratize access to the resources of innovation!
I think it is great to make a place/site for to tools of innovation, so that everybody has access to them. It is time to share with each other
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@new_user_143abc6968 Yes thanks a lot! We want to enable people to easily find the resources they need! it's all about bringing people together!