Really Good Emails 2.0

Really good curated email design and code inspiration

We've grown from a glorified blog/newsletter to a blazing fast part of the mega-web. Sign up at Really Good Emails to like and collect your fave emails, peep the code, or fly through the site for inspiration or a peek at your competition's email game. πŸ’Œ
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18 Reviews5.0/5
Having a live code view and ability to create collections takes this to the next level. This is an indispensable tool for email/all marketers looking for inspiration. Love seeing this update to an already great site!
@jorge_selva Thank you Jorge! Super stoked you really enjoy using the site. What would make it even more useful for you? Hi five to Chicago!
@whale Making it easier to find people and see what they're collecting would be rad!
I really love Really Good Emails. The best place to find inspiration for emails for both design and copy.
@syswarren I love that you called out copy here. That's smart. Something for us to really think through as we continue to try and elevate our product. What would make the site even more useful for you?
@whale I must say it's already pretty useful as it is. Copy is 99% of the email, the visual matters but what truly makes a difference is the copy. On the previous version of RGE, I relied a lot on the categories because the message changes with the context and categories helped find good examples.
@syswarren So true. I'm a big proponent of copy IS design. So on the new site, categories don't seem to be working as well for you? Or are you having a harder time finding the categories? I'd love to make category use a primary tool and had thought it was, but want to make sure we're meeting everyone's needs :)
@whale Maybe it's the color that makes the new categories a bit harder to scan or the fact it's a long list on a separate page. It took me a while to find "Transactional" because it was in the "Miscellaneous" category. This being said, I really like how visible are the related categories on other pages. It's much better!
@syswarren Category refinement is on the top of the list! Thanks so much for great feedback.
Huge fan of the new RGE design. Great place to pull email design inspiration.