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We catch up with Mike Murdock (@mjmurdoc) about the groundbreaking motion capture and multu-user technology that he has been developing as co-founder and creative director at TriHelix. Not only does TriHelix’s tech use cordless Samsung Gear VRs as hardware, but can accurately track a potentially unlimited number of users in a set space. We talk about what this means for not only for arcades, e-sports, and film-- but also as enterprise solutions in spaces such as architecture, design, training, education, and beyond - http://trihelix.tech The Real Virtual Show is a talk show focused on all things immersive reality. We have epic conversations with leaders in the exciting virtual and augmented reality space. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/RVSiTunes or Google Play music http://bit.ly/RVSGoogle any podcast directory: http://bit.ly/RVSrssfeed #RealVirtual - where real people talk live about virtual - http://www.realvirtualshow.com