Real Time Users

Add a real time user counter to your site

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I feel like I just got time warped back to 1995, awesome.
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@bauermetal Thanks for the kind words Justin πŸ™Œ πŸ˜„
@bauermetal Exactly. It brings back good memories, when displaying your website stats publicly was in trend πŸ™ƒ
@baidoct @bauermetal Thanks Tudor, glad you like it. It is pretty retro 😊
@bauermetal we need some cool music in the homepage
@jorge_bestard @bauermetal Haha I like your thinking πŸ‘€
Hey all. Last week @marckohlbrugge launched which went down really well πŸ”₯ Following that, he sent out a tweet, asking if anyone knew of a good real time user counter to add to his site: _No-one did, so we made one._ Real Time Users is just that. We made it this weekend. I wrote a quick post introducing it, so feel free to look at that for more details. Feel free to ask any questions, we'll be about all day. Kudos to @mijustin for inspiring this too. You can read more about that in the post above ☝️ Also, check out the leaderboard to see stats on current real time, highest real time, highest all time from all sites implementing RTU (pretty much just us for now though πŸ˜›)
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@fredrivett @marckohlbrugge @mijustin Love that you built this so quickly! Looks great too!
@fredrivett @mijustin Super cool! Added it to (traffic has slowed down quite a bit since though)
@marckohlbrugge Awesome, thanks Marc. Great to see it on there! πŸ™Œ
@marckohlbrugge Loved ya on Startup Tv, really cool stuff here, keep it up!
When can we have this on PH @rrhoover?
@jsneedles @rrhoover πŸ‘€ 😸 πŸ™Š
@fredrivett and @mikeaag are an awesome duo and made another cool thing - simple and effective 😎
@bentossell @mikeaag Thanks dude! Excited to see how it goes down with the community here πŸ‘€
FINALLY!! Well done! Love the simplicity.
@mijustin Thanks Justin! πŸ™Œ