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Real Good Eats makes it easier to find quick, simple, healthy recipes online. Recipes are selected by Registered Dietitians and tested for taste and simplicity. Check out the site for healthy weeknight meals to help you eat well, even on your busiest days.
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Hi everyone! Brittany here, Registered Dietitian and founder of Real Good Eats. I'm hoping to help everyday busy people eat well with this collection of quick, easy, and delicious weeknight recipes. Rather than spending time searching for recipes or getting overwhelmed on Pintrest, head to for dinner ideas!
Our recipe categories include: - allergen free (free from top priority allergens including wheat, nuts, dairy, fish, soy and eggs) - 30 minutes or less - sheet pan & one pan dinners - vegetarian Our goal is to make it easier for EVERYONE to find healthy (tested) weeknight recipes online regardless of time-crunch, food preferences, allergies or intolerances. New recipes are added each month to keep you inspired!
Love the recipes! If you ever need help with your website in the future let me know!
@tyler_suggs thanks so much! I’ll keep that in mind.