Ready App

On-demand jobs. Make cash today.

Ready App is on-demand jobs, to make cash today! Locate jobs that are part-time, full time, or temporary. Some jobs are available to start today, with instant pay outs. So you get paid the same day you work.

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Interesting. Why didn't you use ProductHunt's "Upcoming" to put this up if this is still pre-launch?
@dotmanish I guess - This is also working well. ;)
@dotmanish Hey Manish, when I hunted my app I didn’t see the option to list it as Upcoming. Thank you for your comment though. Any feedback would be appreciated!
@mhrnik Hey Mihir, thanks for visiting and commenting! Any feedback would be awesome! Thank you for checking out “Ready”
@mhrnik :-) Upcoming will allow them to capture interested leads and notify them of updates and progress and a launch date. More focused launch + you get super-interested users.
@mhrnik @dotmanish Hindsight is 20/20. What do you suggest I could do to promote the app once it launches in November?
@jameslawrence Is this app available yet? Looks like an interesting product but none of the links on your homepage work.
@k3sava the app is not available yet, I’m glad you find it interesting though! We are putting the final touches on it, it should be live in December! I’m looking to link up with some hunters for some feedback while it’s in development.
@k3sava can we chat?
@jameslawrence Oops! I missed that memo. 😕 Will be happy to help in anyway I can. PM on Twitter to setup a time that works for both of us?
@k3sava I PMed you.
@jameslawrence Unable to find a message from you James. What's your Twitter handle?
Interesting concept. Good luck with the launch!
@theashtube Hey Ashely! Thanks for the comment! If you have any further comments or feedback that would be greatly appreciated!
Very interesting. You've got my sign up!
It is a very original app, cool!