Readrr for Twitter

A customisable Twitter app for Android

There are so many Twitter clients on Android, what makes Readrr unique?
@andreoidb Probably lack of streaming support, among other things (judging from the app description.) Also something about the UI proportions just looks off. You're right: with mature clients such as Fenix & Tweetings on the market, newcomers need to absolutely bring it to make a difference.
@jdrch Don't forget Talon and Flamingo. The twitter client market is super saturated on Android. Hard to really find a way to stand out.
@andreoidb Forgive my French but both of those clients are garbage for hardcore, enthusiast Twitter use. Talon doesn't support proper streaming TL updates and Flamingo sucks at push notifications and can't filter lists.
@jdrch I agree, I tried to use both and with Talon my main gripe was I disliked the profile interface, and the lack of streaming support. I also found push notifications to be wonky with both.