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#1 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2019
This feature-packed Chrome reading extension comes with Text annotating, Text-to-speech and support for people with dyslexia. It extracts the main content from any article and present it in a nice, distraction-free "Reader Mode" 👉
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👋 Hi Product Hunt, First of all, thank you for checking out this new product of mine 😊 💬 The Story When reading articles on the web, I keep getting annoyed by things like: - Popups - Ads - Clutters - Unpleasant colors - Bad/Noisy designs - Background colors too bright - Hard to read fonts - Hard to remember what I just read - Article is very long to read 🛠 Solution I made Reader Mode chrome extension that fixed all of these problems! It has tons of useful features including Text annotating, Text-to-speech and features for people with dyslexia such as Open Dyslexia fonts option, Dyslexia Ruler and Text-to-speech with 40+ natural voices. 🎁 Free Features ✔ Distraction-free and ad-free reading ✔ Theme customization ✔ Custom CSS ✔ Print pages ✔ Fullscreen mode ✔ Auto-run ability ✔ Deletion of unwanted elements ✔ Save edited pages ✔ Share To Twitter ✔ Dyslexia Fonts ✔ Dyslexia Ruler ✔ Text To Speech ✔ Outlines ⭐️ PRO Features ✔ Text annotating and highlighting ✔ Note List ✔ Auto-scroll functionality ✔ Dark Panel Mode ✔ Google Search ✔ Google Translate ✔ Remove Footer Option

😻 Product Hunt Special Discount You can use "producthunt20" code at checkout to get 20% off the PRO version ^^ 💖 Thanks I built Reader Mode because I wanted to make reading experience on the web better and more accessible to everyone. But also as one of the ways to support myself as an Indie Maker. So your comments, feedback or any support from you would means the world to me~ 🌎 Thank you so much, and may God bless you 🙏🤗
@ryzalyusoff very useful plugin, i’m using this right now and is very easy & fast for me to switch to reading mode. I love the dark mode version too
@fajarsiddiq Very happy to hear that Fajar! And yeah dark mode is awesome! 🙌😊
@ryzalyusoff congratulations for your launch. I'm in love with this tool. Excellent work.
@mddanishyusuf Thanks man! Appreciate it a lot and I'm so happy that you love the product! 🙌😊
Will products like these ever be illegal? Since they are stealing from the publishers and the people writing the articles.
Congrats on the launch Ryzal. This is a really cool product! I'm on Firefox so I'll wait for a port to try it. I'm especially excited about the "Save edited pages" feature, it would help me a ton with my research process as a writer. Combined with the "print pages", it becomes an incredible productivity tool I would definitely use every day.
@bsamel Thank you very much Basile! The Firefox version will come very soon I promise! 😊 And ah yes, those are the features that I love as well! 🙌 Can’t wait for you to try it and hear your experience. I’ll keep you updated 🤗
This product is awesome. Thanks for developing! 😊
@abdullahsahin Thanks man! And no worries at all! 😊🙌
Absolutely recommend this product, we are living in the world of distractions, it is common to feel that we don't focus well today, we need more products like Readermode. Thank you Ryzal.
@nhuphan0404 Thank you Winnie! This is very true indeed, and exactly the reason why I built Reader Mode 😊 Let’s aim for less distraction and more productivity! 🙌🤗
@ryzalyusoff 🙌keep making products that matter.
@nhuphan0404 Yupp! Let's make, make and make 😊