Readaway 2.0

Let your ears do the reading.

* Scan any document or book page to listen to
* Bookmark and store your articles and blog posts offline - Minus the ads and pop-ups
* Type or copy-paste text to convert to audio to proofread
* Listen to articles and blog posts in 22 languages in 60+ voices
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3 Reviews1.0/5
Why did I make Readaway? I read several books at a time. Sometimes I come across articles on twitter/hacker news etc.. which are too long to read, but I am on the move, want to rest my eyes or both. I have to commute to work - take the train/street car or drive occasionally. I like my commute to be fun and productive. I researched some of the existing solutions and found that none of them offered a great user experience - an excellent listening experience, physical paper to voice conversion, bookmarking, and a few other things. I created Readaway to help me scan a book so that I can listen to the next few pages and maintain my continuity without straining my eyes while on the move. While at it, I also added a way to do the same with webpages/articles/blog posts/text. It serves as a great bookmarking tool for me too. Which other use cases do you think Readaway solves?
Android version on its way or nah? :)
@anna_0x Hi Anna! Will definitely make the Android version soon. Need to fully understand the iOS product market fit first.
This is the second major iteration of Readaway. Please share any constructive/positive feedback. Particularly, want to know which kinds of users is this most useful for.
I think it's a great idea, but I'm an Android user. I will look for a friend to try it!