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Extension to help remember more from articles you read

Build long lasting knowledge from your reading through Kaffae's AI-powered reminders, analytics, and personal library.
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Hi! Maker here! Kaffae came out of feeling burned out from too much information. My thinking is that instead of cutting it out, we can have mental well-beings and boost our long term memory with a bit of reflection. Features: - Daily report with read time. - Auto taggings. - Book recommendations based on your articles. - Memory connection (find similar articles you've read in the past to the one you're reading now). - Update friends with your read activity. It's been tested with a handful of users for over a year now. I personally like the memory function, though it gets only triggered after some time (enough articles have been read). I can trace how coronavirus news has shifted since February, for example. Love all your feedback! Cheers! Kaffae is available on Chrome extension too:
I have followed Masatoshi for a few months now and totally support Kaffe. It’s such a clean interface and I really enjoy the platform, there is no overload of information.
@mgururaj Thanks for such kind words! We'll nail it, fellow hacker!
I've been using this product for about a year now and it's great! Usually I just forget articles after reading them and don't keep track of how much reading a week I do. But with Kaffae, I set a goal of reading at least 10 articles a week and aim to hit it. I have also requested for some features that have been implemented pretty quickly by the creator! =)
@dvij_patel Thanks for the kind feedback! Glad it's helping with your read motivation! That was always the goal of this extension - the gamified reading; to make it more fun to read:) And I'm always happy to hear feature requests in the future!
This idea seemed to be quite appealing so I got it for my Firefox Browser and I am unable to understand how it works, but I'm sure when I start reading some articles, I will learn more about it. This is definitely a great Add On for my browser.
Hey @harsh_gelda, sorry it's been confusing. Onboarding seems to need more work. If you go to an article like Wikipedia, the icon will popup in the right side. That's all there is to the basic. Then, the next day it will show a daily report popup as the first thing in your browser:)
I've used it for a while, it's great to see what my friends(if I followed them) are reading.
@solarfeeds_marketplace ya! Sharing (reading) is caring:)