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Speed read articles w/o compromising your comprehension

#2 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2019
Read πŸ’© Faster is a web app that allows you to drastically increase your WPM without compromising your reading comprehension. Rather than reading left-to-right, you're reading one word at a time as each word flashes on your screen.
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It will be a good practice if you create an extension for browsers that will parse pages and help you read it.


It really improves your reading speed


It's harder to analize numbers and statistics then words that flashing before you.

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Hey thanks for your feedback! I'll look into improving it over the next few days, I can see how it'd be useful. Definitely have been considering making a browser add-on as well :)
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@sakunacharige Looking forward to Chrome extension. :)
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it's pretty neat! You could also create a simple bookmarklet (or heck, I could try doing it too!) to enable this reader on any webpage
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@offcorner Thank you! I'll probably get to it, but if you'd like to do it, go for it!! :)
Holy shit, it actually works! I've tested and pasted a first news article I've found and actually managed to understand it quicker and with higher detail. This has a lot of potential -- maybe it'd be great to convert it to a browser plugin or an app which could transfer the text to read it that way?
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Is this the easter egg tho?
@tobiasz_jankowski Yep, definitely on the agenda. Will improve it more over the next few days :)
Hey PH! First launch here. I saw a video while browsing Instagram a few months ago that demonstrated how our minds are able to read and process text faster when words are presented to us one-by-one rather than a blob (which would force us to move our eyes). From what I understood, the average person can read about 200 WPM with roughly 60% comprehension. But by using this technique, where you read text word-by-word instead of line-by-line, it's possible to increase your WPM without ever reducing your comprehension. I found this pretty interesting, so I made a simple web-app out of it (it's responsive so you can use your phones as well). You can currently configure your WPM and paste your own text. I've been using it to read through articles faster, but I figured that other people might benefit from this as well. At some point I'd like to add a feature where you'd be able to pull text from articles/books without having to copy/paste it (heck maybe even a browser add-on), but we'll see :) P.S. See if you can find the Easter egg ;)
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@sakunacharige what's the difference with spreeder? It is scientifically backed even the fact that this kind of reading decreases short and long term retention. Yes, you are able to understand what you read but you won't be able to remember it. There are other kinds of effective speed reading tecniques.
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@sakunacharige @luqa - wow what a pessimist comment. Speed reading at these levels is actually a great way to improve your overall reading capabilities. 300-700 words per minute is simple to achieve with the right tools, and only when you reach +2000 words per minute you'll lose comprehension, this is what is scientifically proven. You can check the works of Carver from 1992 and McNamara's findings on the subject (they are all disputing 25.000 words per minute) and as they should. We can't read at the speed of light and retain the information. Awesome work Sakun. Spreeder is also nice, but old and needs a refresh. A while back I played around a lot with the idea of a website plugin that would turn any article into a speed reading article with fine tune controls. I wanted to add character fixation similar to Spritz ( never got to implement it but it's still a little side project, would love to collaborate and make this into a better product. I'd be happy to chat, hit me up here or DM on twitters. Here is my demo of the speed reading, I named it Plato for fun.
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@luqa @varun_omprakash Yeah I heard about Spreeder, it's nice but I felt the concept could be improved upon more + it feels outdated. As far as this form of reading causing you to lose long-term/short-term retention, that's probably if you increase your WPM to anything above ~1500+ words. Anything under that is reasonable and you probably won't lose any retention.
@luqa @linusekenstam Thank you! And that sounds like a pretty good idea; it's definitely something that could be really useful. I'm open to collaborating on it :)
This one has been around for a while and has a bookmarklet:
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