Recieve curated fiction in your inbox every day. Track your progress toward your reading goals in real-time, and compete with readers around the world.

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Man, I'd love this for Medium :p
@theashtube Interesting! Which feature from this do you most want for Medium?
@msitver The ability to track word counts in Medium and eventually reach 1 million words read on Medium, further gamifying the experience.
Just signed up. I'm stoked to receive my first story in the morning. Only issue was the sign-up process, I was expecting to be routed to a profile page after entering my name and email. Took me a while to realize that all the information I needed was in the email I received. Other than that I'm looking forward to step up my reading game. Congrats Michael!
Hi, love the concept. I’m most interested in seeing my progress via my own books on my kindle (or goodreads). Could there be a version that motivates you towards 1 million words but doesn’t supply the content? (And doesn’t expect you to read it on your device)
For two years I've been trying to read more fiction (for the health and cognitive benefits). Along the ways I've encountered three main challenges: 1. I couldn't track my progress. There was no way to quantify my progress. 2. Sometimes I lost the motivation to build the habit. 3. Finding great fiction to read is hard. 1 Million Words is my solution to that. First of all, it's dead simple. Sign up. Get curated fiction in your inbox. Click "I read this" to count the story towards your fiction goal. Second of all, there's a defined goal to work towards, and real-time goal tracking: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read 1 million words in one year or less. Lastly, it's competitive. I love to compete, and 1 Million Words allows me to compete against friends, family, and readers around the world. I'll be here all day to answer questions (I hope there are some). I look forward to hearing from you. 🤠
Also: Important shoutout to everyone on who helped me build this (especially @marckohlbrugge and @levelsio)

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