Prototyping Tool Exporting React / Typescript Applications

ReacType is a visual prototyping tool for developers employing React component architecture alongside the comprehensive type checking of TypeScript. In other words, you can draw prototypes and export React / Typescript code!
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πŸ‘‹ Hello Hunters! :) πŸ’» We started ReacType just a couple of months ago with the vision of creating the fastest and easiest way to create React / Typescript applications from prototypes. πŸš€ This is our first release and we hope to get a lot of feedback and make improvements as fast as we can. 🀘🏼 ReacType is useful for: - Building complex nested reusable components and exporting them into code. - Adding props and attributes to components and elements. - Previewing real-time code as you're drawing prototypes. - Viewing the application tree to see component hierarchy and relationships.
@tmizrakci I it ready for a try out?
@sajeer hi Sajeer, yes you can download our apps from our website or our Github page! links are at the top of this page:)
Very small photos for introducing. It's hard to read something
@david_clifford9 thanks for the feedback! we'll fix and put some bigger ones shortly. We do have larger photos and gifs explaining the product in more detail in our Github page as well.