ReactiveSearch Native

Elasticsearch UI components for React Native

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2018

10+ open-source React Native UI components for your next iOS/Android app, comes with a free sketch template.

ReactiveSearch is also available as a React library for web apps. You can check it over here.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith! We started working on the React Native library some six months ago. A lot of sweat and love has gone into this release, and we hope you like it. We are taking React Native's philosophy of "learn once, write anywhere" to offer UI components that now work on web, iOS and Android platforms. You can read more in the launch blog post over here - Bonus: Sketch components for iOS and Android platforms - You can also check out our recent release of the v2 web library over here -
Hello ProductHunt! I'm one of the makers of ReactiveSearch. We are so excited to launch it today 🎉 With ReactiveSearch, you can ship powerful web and mobile apps within days and sometimes, even a few hours. It is completely open-source and cross-platform: It works both with React and React Native! 🚀 Contributions, issues and love are more than welcome 🤗 on our GitHub repo here -

This product can solve some of the developers' problem in allowing them to focus on the creative (and fun) side of things, instead of getting bogged down with technical details. Nice work.


Cool product in a beautiful design.


Could not identify one yet.

Thanks to this app, we'll be able to work much faster. Thank you! React rules!


Excellent look. Simple and easy to use


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