Reactive Maps 2.0

React components for building geolocation apps

Reactive Maps is a UI components library based on Google Maps to enable creating data-driven geolocation apps.

It's available for React and React Native (preview).

Read this post on how we created an Airbnb like Map UI using it.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone! Reactive Maps is a UI components library (Apache 2.0 licensed) based on Elasticsearch for building data-driven Map UIs. * The library's data layer allows connecting with any Elasticsearch backend (used for querying geolocation data), * The UI components can be used for displaying a variety of filters, search, result components along with the map component. * It's available for React and React Native. It works really well with ReactiveSearch - a companion UI components library for building search experiences. More details available at We're also announcing support packages for production use-cases - Bonus: We've created sketch designer templates for all the components we support in v2 (
@siddharthlatest I run a review site with 400+ reviews and want to build a map that’s responsive. Can I use this?
@thelaeats You should be able to. Here's a starter app we have that's close to what you might be building - https://silly-euler-31f3ec.netli.... Code:
i will check