React Native

Build native mobile experiences with Javascript

#1 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2015

React Native is a developer tool that builds mobile UI from declarative components. You can use only JavaScript and React to build a real app, with User Interface fundamental blocks, like the ones for iOS and Android. You can forget about the recompiling with Hot reloading feature.

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Hey all, I work on React Native and I'm happy to see this on Product Hunt because we worried a lot about the onboarding and developer experiences. Historically, products for developers -- especially the open source kind -- have had suboptimal user experiences because it was thought that developers had a higher tolerance for complexity. Because Facebook engineers can choose to use any technology they want when building product, we -- the product infrastructure group at facebook -- are forced to work harder to compete with everything else in open source. This forces us to make simplicity and the developer experience core features of our products. If you've worked with React before, you probably got a sense of this from the informative warnings and error messages. The website would better place to get started than the Github repo:
@amasad excited to get started with this. Has it been built to work together with Parse React? Eg is there a nice way to resolve promises from Parse and then trigger UI transitions to the state requiring the resolve?
@arush anything that works with React should work wth React Native directly. I know the Parse team have put a lot of work into make it work well with React. There's also work going into react to make what you mention more generic, to have promises and observables in component state trigger re-renders and their data available in the render function automatically
React Native is like heaven for me. It turns every web developer in a mobile app developer.

More APIs would be great

One Navigator from core team is enough ;)


learn once write anywhere


difficult to choose right tools

From what I understand from README, it only supports ios ? If so, I'm curious to know your motivations behind building this instead of using standard objective-C. It is intended to become crossplateform eventually, maybe ? Or it's something to help frontend developers to build mobile interfaces as well ?
@oelmekki react is kinda amazing in my experience. Android is announced to be released later this year.
@oelmekki Yes, but android support is coming. There are a number of benefits, including but not limited to: * Fast development cycles: by removing the compile step you can simply edit -> reload and see your changes in milliseconds. * React: we think it's just a better UI programming paradigm * Organizational: instead of having different teams for building the same product for different platforms, you can now have the same team regardless of the platform. * What you mention is also true, leveraging the web development community to build native mobile apps is certainly a benefit See the react.js conf keynote for more details (and the F8 video when it comes out)
@abhic I don't doubt it a second, given it's build by facebook, who have so many mootools core team developers :) That's enough for me to be interested in react, and it's actually on top of my "things to learn" list. But it probably also was a huge effort to turn it into a native app generator, so I'm pretty sure there's something interesting to hear about the reasons behind the initial idea :)
@amasad Got it, thanks !
Are there any apps that are using this in production that we could check out? Nothing like an example in the wild :D