We built this React.js admin template with Material-UI framework. What is more, we integrated it with Node.js and Postgres database. We made a complete front-end + backend solution for any SAAS, E-commerce, CMS, or any other web app.
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We made React Material UI Node.js admin as a complete front-end + backend solution. ✅ Ready-to-use login methods, ✅ and authentication, ✅ ready to be deployed on any hosting. We chose Node.js because it is highly extensible as well as have a good performance. Node has huge support from the web dev community that is why we decided to make React Material UI Node.js admin. It has no jQuery and Bootstrap dependencies which is a big plus. Also, we made a modular architecture that helps to create scalable and flexible applications. Useful links: Product details: https://flatlogic.com/templates/... Demo: https://flatlogic.com/templates/... Appreciate your reviews and comments! Thank you!
Looks good! Nice work ..
@achirilov Thank you for your feedback!