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Hey, I am the creator of the podcast, so ask me anything!
@karaswisher hey Kara! Are you planning on covering the presidential election? If so, anything you can share on how you're going to approach that 😃?
@mscccc @karaswisher Why YES. Jeb Bush here i come! Also Martin O'Malley!
@karaswisher Are you really the "liberal Donald Trump"?! Great conversation with Steve Case. <3
@karaswisher love that you're doing a podcast. In fact, I haven't shared this yet but we might create a podcast channel on Product Hunt soon. If you could choose anyone (living) in the world to have on your show, who would it be? Personally, I'd love to see @snoopdogg, @conanobrien, and @pmarca make an appearance. 😀
@rrhoover I think I would love for both stage of Code and also podcast: Taylor Swift, Vladimir Putin, and Shonda Rhimes. In no particular order. Also the creators of Black Mirror because they have fucked with my head.
@rrhoover oops I replied below. I am a NOOB here.
@karaswisher @rrhoover +1 on who you'd like to podcast. It seems that you are branching out beyond tech - what's the thinking there?
We also have a lot of podcasts up there from our Code events, as well as my interviews with President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Adding to my Overcast podcast queue now. Here's a direct link to the first episode with @stewart.
@karaswisher it is great to see that you are making content from your code events available - the conversations there have always been thought of as interesting and valuable. Will all of your podcasts follow a similar format?
@corleyh: yes! same format. but 23 percent more obnoxious.
@karaswisher LOVE IT! Definitely a reason to listen! 👍
@corleyh see my reply below. I am an old lady who needs to get the hang of this hip place. It's groovy.