Re/code Decode - John Zimmer, Lyft President

Transitioning from ride sharing to autonomous cars

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YESS - listening now!
It took me a few days to get through my backlog to listen to this. I heard buzz from some tech journalists about cars being a theme at CES, but didn't give it much thought beyond flashy toys (the usual CES noise) and was largely unaware of any major updates or that @lyft had raised $1B. Before listening to this episode, my opinion of Lyft was that it was "the nice" ride-sharing startup that tried to compete with Uber and was pretty far behind in the race. But I was completely floored to learn how much money they are raising and how many innovative and strategic initiatives they are undertaking from partnering with GM to manufacture the autonomous taxi of the future to partnering with Didi, the leading ride sharing app in China (and others) to seamlessly integrate those separate experiences for users on each platform while visiting different countries. This is one of the most interesting episodes of Re/code Decode I've ever listened to. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks @johnzimmer and @karaswisher, this battle is far from over and the future of transportation startups is bright!
super !!! going through it.