Rdio Farewell

Export your favorites and playlists and relive the magic

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When you export, you'll get some cool details about your account:
For those of you who will miss big blue but haven't found our little community yet: http://rdioloversslackin.herokua... Passionate folks who can help you find your next favorite music app, your favorite new music, or just chat about the relative merits of albums vs. playlists.
Pretty sure 65% of my 1,850 listening hours was Tron: Legacy
I miss Rdio already. I don't like Spotify's dark UI. And there is no social element to it. I want to find random music curators beyond my friends.
@bennesvig And Spotify got rid of their third party apps that provided that type of curated experience. The biggest mistake they made IMHO.
If you're headed to spotify you can import officially using this: https://import.spotify.com/rdio/