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Gilad Ronat
Gilad Ronat@giladronat · iOS Developer, Intuit
Wow I thought this was a joke at first but it looks awesome. I'm a huge fan of Razer's mechanical keyboards and this might be the one iPad case I will care for. The price seems hefty, but I'll look into it.
Chris Short
Chris Short@chrisshort · DevOps, Sarcasm as a Service™
I feel like this would annoy the bejesus out of people.
Jaime Macias
Jaime Macias@jmacias · Product @boost.
Bluetooth - so this doesnt connect to the new port that is on the iPad Pro? Nice first step, hopefully they get the first party support in the future.
Brian Tessier
Brian Tessier@brian_tessier
Purchased. Will advise after I get it on how it is ;)
Jonathan Zhan
Jonathan Zhan@jonzhan · Founder, Chaotic Good
I'm excited for when Razer brings this to their desktop keyboard offerings!