RAWR Messenger

Create your 3D self, chat and hang with your friends

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It's like you as a tamagotchi, chatting and hanging out with your friends (as tamagotchis) I can see this being quite appealing to the younger peeps, what is your strategy for the older adoption? Or is it actually focused on the young-uns?
@bentossell when we started the project 2 years ago our thinking was that our target demographic was prodominantly teens and millennials, but during our beta testing phase we've actually seen an interest from a much wider audience, as young as 8 years old and up to late 30's
@ozzfly nice! what do you see as the future here?
@bentossell We'll be adding group chat, mini-games, more sharing options, gifting as well as tools for user generated content in the upcoming updates. Our thinking ha been this: We see core games like clash of clans complimented by chat. Clash of clans is intact one of the largest chat apps out there as gamers chat regularly with clan members. We have approached this from the other direction, a chat app at the core, but with game stuff to compliment.
I'm glad to have been one of the lucky people to see this thing become what it is today first hand. Guys kudos to each team member for being such rockstars. And now I'm just going to sit back and enjoy seeing this out in the wild!
@zanilic Thank you so much, for your support along this journey, Zan :)
oooooh I like the name!
@nzieber Thanks Nick. Naming is always difficult, and despite the urge to follow the herd with the traditional "something chat" name, we stuck to our guns and went with something unique :)
Add me: rrhoover / 92946 Here's my avatar, hugging Tim:
@rrhoover nice avatar, and that beach looks pretty cosy! Greetings from sunny, but slightly chilly Helsinki:)
#bounce #flykick #flip make it #rain. I love this app.