Rasa Core

Machine learning-based dialogue engine for smarter bots

Rasa Core is an open source framework for building bots and voice apps. Instead of writing thousands of rules to control how conversations should go, you provide real example conversations to teach the system how to talk

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Hi! The Rasa Core framework has been in development for 1.5 years, so we're incredibly excited to launch it & make it accessible to everyone. We wanted to make Machine-Learning based dialogue usable for as many developers as possible. There's so much great research in conversational AI but very little that developers can actually use to build bots and voice apps. One of the big challenges was making Rasa Core useful on day one, when you have no training data. We came up with the interactive learning approach, where you teach the system by talking to it and providing feedback. Rasa lets you scale from nothing up to a robust dialogue system trained on a large number of real conversations. We're so happy with the community that's developed around Rasa NLU, and so we're really, really excited to see what people build with Core. More detail here: https://medium.com/rasa-blog/a-n...
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Looking good! This is what bot developers need now πŸ‘πŸ»
Seems like the nail on the head for bot devs. Well done team, looks really good.
Congratulations on the launch, this looks awesome πŸ™Œ
Good job on the launch. Looking forward to playing around with it :)