Raply for Android (Beta)

Raply helps amateur rappers to share and improve their rap.

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Raply is a camera-first community based application that helps amateur rappers to create, share and improve their creative work.


  • Gala Pryhodko
    Gala PryhodkoStartup, Marketplaces

    Really slick and easy to use UI.


    Small library of beats. 15 tracks? Lol. No lyrics, so it is hard to read without preparation

    It is like Karaoke for rap.

    Gala Pryhodko has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, simple UI


    Where the iOS app? :)

    Love the idea! It's so funny for me and I think will be super cool for amateur rappers

    Ruslan has used this product for one day.


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Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo PedenkoMaker@graver_ua · Product Manager @ Setapp.com.
Ni hao from Shenzhen, China 🇨🇳! Before coming to China, I didn’t know much about rap. But last two weeks changed my perception of this culture completely. Our team is participating at Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy in Shenzhen (most probably they have assembled your iPhone here) and Raply is kinda our final project here. We came here 10 days ago and didn’t have any solution or idea in mind. So, we asked ourselves: “What market would be cool to research?” That’s how we ended up with talking to hundreds of amateur, semi-professional and professional rappers here in China and overseas. We’ve been to underground rap concerts and record studios, visited local promoters and hip-hop organizations and so on and so forth. And this is how we came up with an idea behind Raply. Problem: We discovered, that amateur rappers worldwide are struggling with sharing their creative work and getting feedback on it. They have no idea how to improve their skills, rhymes and flow. They feel isolated. Solution: So we decided to create a community-based mobile application that helps amateur rappers to create, share and improve their creative work. Important: We know that an app is still buggy and the functionality is limited, but we wanted to show the concept as soon as possible, so we can understand wether market really needs something like this. Your feedback is really appreciated, but don’t judge strictly :) Fun fact from our research: - Main topics of American rap: girls, money, weed. Main topics of Chinese rap: family values, importance of education, friendship.
Oleksii Rubaniak
Oleksii Rubaniak@oleksii_rubaniak · Product manager, Zeo Alliance
@snoopdogg oh fo sho, check out this RAPLY shizzle! Stay big in China :)
Love it! And I'm excited about the fact you built it so fast o0 Crazy!
@snoopdogg you should support these guys! :)
Alex Horobchuk
Alex Horobchuk@metricexpert · Fullstack Software Engeneer
I'd love to see the shooting tips in the application. Like what place and lighting to choose.
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo PedenkoMaker@graver_ua · Product Manager @ Setapp.com.
@metricexpert point taken
Aleksandra@aleks_muse · Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
@graver_ua Congrats on the launch! And thank you for sharing your story and learning in Telegram :) Enjoyed insights about topic differences between US and China xD. What are your next plans and goals for the product?
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo PedenkoMaker@graver_ua · Product Manager @ Setapp.com.
@aleks_muse thanks for asking that and really appreciate your support! As for now, we built a basic experience in order to test wether people actually like it or not. Next step: to become an Instagram for Voice. At this point, we have started working on the algorithm, that should make voice mixing and tuning a one button solution. Also, we want to expand to iOS and make sure we have a lot of beats for people to play with :)