An iOS keyboard that allows you to send rap lyrics easily

#3 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2014
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So cool. @eriktorenberg were just chatting about custom iOS 8 keyboard yesterday for an upcoming video series. This might make me just a little bit cooler (via text). Also check out this hip hop hunt collection.
@rrhoover @eriktorenberg funny you say that, Ryan! Here's some feedback I've gotten, " I know I use rap lyrics in my responses to people a lot. The only thing is, girls think I'm witty/funny because of it. If this becomes too mainstream, I'll lose my edge." Few things can make you cooler than you already are, but RapKey can help *a little*.
@JonahKaner @rrhoover @eriktorenberg This comment entertains me because you edited out the "bitches" in your user feedback, but your app tagline is "stop messaging like a basic bitch."
Yo, straight out the dungeons of rap. 1/2 of RapKey here, happy to answer any and all questions. RapKey started as me sending rap lyrics to friends to add a little spice to a (usually) conventional text message exchange, then one day thought, "why isn't this an app?" Now here we are.
I've been playing around with this for a bit, and I really think that they're on to something with the way they used the unique keyboard. Immediately after using it, I thought about how TV shows (I know my friends would love a Workaholics one) might be able to also create their custom keyboard. Huge fan of the idea, an even better fan of the execution.
@blakeir Yes! I'd be lying if I said that wasn't in our sights. Started with just rap, since it was something I did over texting + wanted to make it a little more automated, but the more we sat down and thought about it, the more we realized it's applicable to anything. TV Shows, Movie quotes, Shakespeare, etc. I think PH is actually a good guide moving forward, as the collection aspect is quite powerful!
Yes please.
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