RapidAPI for Teams

Publish, share and collaborate on internal APIs

RapidAPI for Teams allows you to publish, share and collaborate on internal APIs to streamline the development process and prevent duplicated or unnecessary work. Getting started is easy, just create an organization, set up your teams and invite developers.
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Hello! 👋 Welcome to RapidAPI for Teams. A single place to publish, share and collaborate on internal APIs and microservices. APIs are extremely powerful, but without a centralized hub, many organizations struggle to share or collaborate on their internal APIs. One great example of this is when we spoke with one company who told us the story of when they realized that 7 different teams had all created APIs that performed the same functionality. That’s why we created RapidAPI for Teams, your new internal API hub. For your teams internal, and external, API consumption. It’s easy to create an organization and get started today! We can’t wait to see how RapidAPI for Teams helps your organization, please let us know if you have any questions!
This is a perfect extension of the API Marketplace. Application development after all is done by teams. With the move towards distributed engineering and remote work, RapidAPI for Teams federates API control, access and visibility to the right stakeholders!
@jed_ng We couldn't agree more!! We're seeing so much positive response around the value in giving visibility into API usage within an org and we can't wait to continue improving. Thanks for the support!
Great work by the team at RapidAPI!
Do calls have to run through RapidAPI like regular marketplace APIs? I see your example requests used RapidAPI api tokens
@elfitz_ Thanks for the question! Yeah, API requests will go through RapidAPI in the same way that public APIs do. The reason we do this is to be able to add features like user authentication, metrics tracking, a consist library connection process, etc. We do support more customized deployments through the enterprise offering (info about that can be found at the bottom of the rapidapi.com/teams page), which would include a separate proxy to make the requests to.