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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 28, 2016
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This looks amazing – would probably save me tons of time on my app had I known about it earlier!
@wade Thanks Wade, let me know if you have any questions!
@thrden Just realized Parse shut down today– so perfect timing!
I can not see the price without login? a bit strange, why?
@deambulando we have a free tier available to all users, so you don't need to worry about breaking the bank!
@thrden great, but whats the price? I do not test anything if I do not know the price before...I think is normal, no? specially if you are bootstrapping. where can we see that?
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@thrden no answer? 8 of us had the same question :S ok...
@deambulando @thrden Found something under their Website Terms that pertains to this: "Except as expressly set forth in the Terms, your general right to access and use the Site is currently for free, but Rapid may in the future charge a fee for certain access or usage. You will not be charged for any such access or use of the Site unless you first agree to such charges, but please be aware that any failure to pay applicable charges may result in you not having access to some or all of the Site. Unlike the Site, the Application we make available on the Site is not free, and you must create an Account, agree to our Application Terms of Service, and pay all requisite fees in accordance with such Terms before you will be able to use the Application." So, it looks like they may not have figured out the pricing yet. I also have a problem with investing my time to adapt a new tool if I don't know what it's going to cost me. Even if it's easy to learn. The Website is full of grammar mistakes too. I DO want to like this but I can't just yet. Bookmarking for future, I understand they were in a hurry to provide a timely replacement for Parse.
@deambulando oh hey, sorry I didn't see this until today. As I said we have a free tier, that provides over 250k api calls, and 1000 text messages. The paid plan isn't set in set in stone as of yet, but it has a monthly subscription
Good timing! Since Parse is shutting down, I'll have to look into switching to this.
RapidAPI let's developers create a fully functional backend for their app. It has turned every function from sending a text message to storing a file as a block and all developers need to do is to drag-n-drop. RapidAPI is also very easy to integrate in the app / website. Since RapidAPI uses a REST api for communications, users don’t have to install any special libraries, and can use RapidAPI with any platform. Moreover, RapidAPI automatically generates code snippets to be copied and pasted into the front-end.
Interesting. How does RapidAPI differentiate with the likes of Stamplay?
@roamlocally I actually don't know too much about Stamplay, if I get a minute, I'll check them out and see what the differences are.