Records your best raps and sends them to friends.

#3 Product of the DayJune 07, 2014
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Respectfully, the app could use a design touch-up but the concept sounds super fun. Here are a few more rap-related hunts: - Rapt.fm - Video Rap Battles - Rap Shirts - #RAPSHIRTSFORWHITEPEOPLE - Rap Pad - Anyone can write rap lyrics - Rap Genius (iOS app) - Your guide to the meaning of rap, R&B, and soul lyrics Check this, @ErikTberg and @kellymcgrath!
This app just launched yesterday, really fun, well done concept.
Appreciate the feedback! If anybody wants to send me detailed feedback, hit me at seth@rapchat.me. We've bootstrapped the whole operation and this our first version so we realize there is tons of room for improvement. Finally launching just gives us a chance to see how people interact with it. Once we get the resources, a lot of fun features to come to! (hint - group raps, voice fx) I'm a fan of all those hunts too, @erikTberg been killing it.
awesome hunt. @sethmills21 congrats on the launch!
My friends and I have been using this for fun, and we had a couple of suggestions that we personally could use: 1) some sort of notepad in the app to use when recording do you can write your verse down and not have to have it open on another device or on paper when rapping 2) previewing beats and listening to what someone sent somehow circumvents headphones and only uses the speakers Otherwise, it's solid πŸ‘Œ
@krrishd thanks for the feedback! We definitely have the 'notepad' on the feature map. And yeah in re: to your #2 – we have fixed that bug and are submitting an update so you won't see that ish here shortly! Look out for a super dope update in the next couple weeks. You'll soon be able to save your favorite raps you send