Rapchat 3.0

Create, share, and discover freestyle raps

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Just realized we don't have a Hip Hop Topic yet. Going to fix this:
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@sethmills21 @rrhoover major key πŸ”‘
Appreciate the hunt Erik! After talking to users and analyzing tons of data, we decided it was time to transform Rapchat from a simple, messaging app into a hip hop network that would allow anyone to create, share, and discover freestyle raps. Over the the past year and a half, we've witnessed users take on several personas and perform tons of different actions. We've seen users like Fletcher get on and rap battle their friends for fun. We've seen users like Jae Finesse and Magistic (go check them out on the app) perfect their craft, using Rapchat as their primary music creation tool. And lastly, we've seen users hop on simply to discover cool freestyle raps. We built 3.0 to cater to these different segments. Now, the incredible freestylers on our app have a place to shine and the hip hop consumers have a better way to consume that content. Before 3.0, there was no real way to become a influencer like you can on Vine, Twitter, or Instagram but now with profiles, leaderboards, and feeds - you are able to rise to the top and build a massive following. We believe there will be several cases where Rapchat is the launchpad for a career in hip hop. We're also planning on onboarding established artists to leverage Rapchat as a content creation and fan engagement tool. Think about how much more valuable a freestyle from your favorite artist would be than a tweet (we think 10x+). Would love to answer and any all questions! Also, we published a blog post outlining the update in more detail (w/GIFs explaining them!) : https://medium.com/@rapchat/allo... PS - here are some fire rapchats from our users: Crougs - https://rapchat.me/share-rap.htm... Blake the Rapper - https://rapchat.me/share-rap.htm... Magistic - https://rapchat.me/share-rap.htm... P - Holla - https://rapchat.me/share-rap.htm...
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@sethmills21 πŸ™Œ congrats team... For everyone else read the announcement Allow me to re-introduce myselfβ€Šβ€”β€ŠA Rapchat PSA
@bentossell @rapchat appreciate it man and thanks for sharing the PSA :)
@bentossell @sethmills21 @rapchat much appreciated Ben! πŸ™
@sethmills21 @rapchat This is rad. I am working with a couple hip-hop artists that I'm going to send this to and see if they'll start using it. If they do, I'd love to connect on how the featured artist section works.
@melissagoblue @rapchat thanks! We're actually working with a few, select artists to personally onboard them. Shoot me a note (seth@rapchat.me) - happy to share more details.
Huge congrats to @sethmills21 and team on the launch!! My friends and I freestyle battle each other all the time. Excited to discover new up and coming artists with the latest release. I've been beta testing, total πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
@fletchrichman much appreciated dude! Stay tuned, there are some ridiculously dope rapchatters on the come up...
Congrats guys - keep crushing it.
@ashishw203 thanks my dude
@ashishw203 always my man!!
Appreciate all the love! As an artist myself I know how hard/expensive it is to find quality producers and book studio time to make a song that might not be a hit. A lot of my friends loved to freestyle but would never consider themselves a rapper. With Rapchat we wanted to give that experience to everyone, from aspiring artists and freestyling hobbyists to general hip hop fans and music enthusiasts! Rapchat gives you that on-the-go pocket studio to drop a rap whenever and wherever! Hit me or @Sethmills21 w/ any questions and we'd love to chat!