A Chrome Extension that supercharges startup founders

Rankpoint is a Chrome Extension where with a single tap of a button, it will pull in and display various and fun information about the site that you are on, such as who the founders are, how much money they raised, how much traffic they get, and more.
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I built this extension because I come to realize I spend about roughly 10% to 25% of my time on a daily basis, just Googling various websites to find background infos on the site I'm looking at. Thus, I put them all together into a single click, which then gathers various information such as, traffic, founders, funding, etc and it's turned out to be really useful. Hope you enjoy it too. Did you know Shaq, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tiger Woods were an investor in Google back in 1999? Well I sure didn't until I tried this extension while I was browsing gmail.com. :)