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Ranger links is a site to help people gain a more complete understanding of the news. To do this we simply aggregate articles from as many sources as we can and then display them to our users, allowing them to read the articles that they are most interested in.

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Hey @ibakurov & @jgcatalano, What were your top go-to news sources before creating this?
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Hey @jacqvon, for me they were and still are Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. We built Ranger Links as a tool to supplement how people consume news so that they can gain a more complete understanding of what is going on.
Hi @jacqvon , I usually use the mix of social media (Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn), financial publishers’ websites (Bloomberg, NYT, BBC, WSJ), newsletters (Morning Brew, Bloomberg) and Podcasts (Bloomberg has a dozen of them, The Daily, BBC). Also Google, of course, to search for news on specific topic, but I have to know what I am looking for, and that’s what different with Ranger Links - you get the top events like you do on publishers’ website but with coverage like Google’s.
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Hey, cool concept, awaiting more stories~ Strange that I can't seem to find the story about Apple removing apps from the Chinese App Store on the website but see it in the screenshots 🤔
@anna_0x New stories are up 🙂 We aim to add 5-10 of the biggest news events each day. Here is the link to the story about Apple removing apps: http://rangerlinks.com/event.htm... We will be adding a search feature shortly to help make finding older stories easier.
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@jgcatalano Let me know if you need help re search