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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 03, 2014
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StumbleUpon for Startups!
Very similar to my startuptabs.com. I would love to see if we can work on something together.
@jleebiz I'm definitely interested in collaborating with you. I like your approach to startup discovery via new tabs.
@randomstartup added you on twitter but let me know if you want to communicate elsewhere.
Dig it. Would like to see some filters, not in terms of categorizing the startups more so categorizing my mood when randomly searching (am I playful, business minded, bored, etc.)
@thejulielogan I like your idea a lot! Will definitely consider it.
@randomstartup :) what made you build it? And are you reaching out to startups actively to increase the quantity/quality of the random discoveries?
@thejulielogan I wanted to play with Node.js over this past weekend, so I built randomStartup.org and that's basically all there is to the story :) I will not be reaching out to startups just yet. I have hundreds (if the list hasn't gone over >1K yet) of startups to approve that people have already submitted via the "submit yours (free)" link. Will think this week on how to take this idea further as I wasn't really expecting anything to come out of it. Like I said, it was supposed to only serve as a Node.js playground for myself.
@randomstartup That is usually when the magic happens... when you aren't expecting it!
@jehnglynn agreed :) @randomstartup Referrals might be a nice way to get a touch of "curation" to it. Or scrubbing the PH feed ;)
@randomstartup - add a "jobs" button to each startup, so people apply for jobs if they like the startup ;)
@rjvir reminds me of another startup i know :)
This was surprisingly fun. I almost never load a page without having at least some hint of what's going to be there. Definitely something compelling here, in a "i'll have a good time for 2m then probably leave" kind of way.