Random Game

Selects a random Steam game from your library!

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Do you ever wonder: what game should I play? Never fear my friend, Random Game Picker lets you figure that out with a couple of clicks!

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MikeyMaker@madmikeyb · Lead Developer, Fifteen
I created this for the users of GameFront, often we could not decide on a game to play together, and this tool solves that issue! 😃
Sean Walker
Sean Walker@swlkr · Takes hikes 🏔 makes sites 👨‍💻
I love random choosers like this, I spend at least an hour at a time choosing stuff on netflix and then the thing I choose isn't even that good, so it's like wasted time. This solves that problem, but for Gamefront!
MikeyMaker@madmikeyb · Lead Developer, Fifteen
@swlkr Thanks, Sean!