Rando Emoji

Animated kaomoji stickers for iMessage

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We launched the Rando app earlier this year using animated kaomoji as loading spinners. When apple announced iMessage sticker apps, it was obvious how fun those animations would be as stickers. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and have had a blast using them in my iMessage conversations. There are obviously so many more kaomoji we could add to the app, reply with your favorites and we’ll add it to our list of suggestions for future updates!
Truly a must buy. We just need a better way to manage stickers. Knock Knock Apple!
Right now, this is the only sticker app I allow on my iDevices. It's simple and not at all gaudy. If you use kaomoji at all, this adds a great bit of flair to it. Highly recommended.
I use kaomoji all the time and the Rando stickers really take them to the next level. Would love to see categories to make it easier to browse the stickers. Great Icon; also adding some colour to the stickers would make them more visually appealing.
I like to purchase it but I don't have iphone/ipad but what should I do??? any solutions???