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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2014
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Co-founder here. Happy to answer any questions folks have about Ramen.
Welcome, @mathewsisson, and congrats on winning the LAUNCH hackathon (I'll be attending the next LAUNCH event this Feb). Going into the event, what did you have planned and did you already have code written? More generally, I'm curious to hear how the hackathon went for you and your team.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Happy to share! Going into the Hackathon, we met as a team a few times before we hopped on the plane to SF (no more than 10 hours in the same room). Basically, we talked about our vision for the product and how we could efficiently work with one another to make sure none of us became a bottle neck. I had basic wireframes put together, but you're not allowed to have any code committed until minute-one of the Hackathon. We realized very early on that we had planned much more than a lot of the teams there. We also took every opportunity to show our product and pitch to the Launch staff over the next 48 hours. We even took Jason up on meeting with him for 5 minutes (a privilege everyone had the opportunity to do). I could talk for hours about this, but if you're still interested in hearing more, we actually wrote a bunch about our experience on the Ramen blog. This one in particular goes more in depth about our experience: http://blog.ramen.is/development...
It's a really tiny detail, but the subtext under the CTA really won me over. "Discover Awesome New Startups Soooon"
@mathewsisson how did you get companies to participate in the Ramen partner program? What's the crucial part of the pitch? PS. @jringenberg i signed up for that same reason as well :)