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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2019

Our mission is to build the Developer's single-platform for all public APIs. Find, test, subscribe, pay and manage all your APIs in one place no matter the API provider.

Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0 new features:

-API Collection: groups of our APIs

-Performance Data: reliability metrics on all APIs

-Powerful discovery: Popovers and API sample responses

  • Pros: 

    Direct access to a massive database of APIs


    Interface a bit dry for beginners

    My team and I have used Rakuten RapidAPI on a few projects, more specifically to connect to travel APIs. The setup has been a breeze, looking forward to getting more services joining the platform!

    Paul Gaumer has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    + Easy to find APIs

    + Easy to manage APIs in single dashboard

    + Speeds up development

    + UI has improved


    - few APIs still require 3rd party registration

    It is a cool service that provides lots of powerful APIs. It is easy to find APIs in this platform which has reduced my development costs dramatically.

    Mohammad Balak has used this product for one month.
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jv hirigoyen
jv hirigoyen@hirigoyenjv · opentrip.io // CEO
Really cool and useful tool, I always find the APIs I need for my job. Find, subscribe, test and register to an API in the same tool directly online save me a lot of time. Every API is REST based so super easy to integrate in your app. The support is responsive and welling to help. Keep going guys !
Jed Ng
Jed NgMaker@jed_ng · Venture Builder | Angel Investor
@hirigoyenjv thanks for the comment. We'd love to see what you build with our APIs. We'll even feature it on our blog
Siddharth Mathur
Siddharth Mathur@s8mathur · Founder, Fastah API
Great offering! How do you propose to help with discovery as well as monetization with Asian developers (e.g SE Asia or E Asia based mobile companies)? Above and beyond what RapidAPI's marketplace does, in particular.
Jed Ng
Jed NgMaker@jed_ng · Venture Builder | Angel Investor
@s8mathur thanks for leaving a comment! Superb questions. Discovery: We're focused on bringing API economy to APAC where it's still early days (check out this article https://re.tc/cefmacpv). We'll be building on our Collections which will help developers find locally relevant services more easily. Imagine a Top Japan/Singapore/India API collection showing up on your discovery view. Monetisation: The platform is all about solving DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION. We want to help Asia APIs reach a broader global audience and user base that they won't normally be able to reach.
Siddharth Mathur
Siddharth Mathur@s8mathur · Founder, Fastah API
@jed_ng I finally read the article you referenced above, and love the articulation and vision for Rakuten making APIs culturally relevant: "Localization is part of the effort toward improving developer experience, framing technical services in a relatable fashion for foreign audiences."
Jed Ng
Jed NgMaker@jed_ng · Venture Builder | Angel Investor
@s8mathur Thanks for taking the time. This is a truly MASSIVE undertaking. Our small team of 6 is moving mountains for our fans. A long way to go from product, awareness, API selection perspectives but we're grinding this out.
Siddharth Mathur
Siddharth Mathur@s8mathur · Founder, Fastah API
@jed_ng It's a long game you guys are playing, not a sprint 😄
Lubomir Fotev
Lubomir Fotev@darksidezoo · Founder @ Parity
This is awesome! I really love how easy it is to discover new APIs
Mushegh Eghiazaryan
Mushegh Eghiazaryan@mushegh_eghiazaryan
Great tool!
Tigran Hambardzumyan
Tigran Hambardzumyan@tigran_hambardzumyan2
Nice tool!!