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#5 Product of the DayAugust 05, 2014
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This looks great. I personally think that people can succeed without that much wanted piece of paper. I don't have a degree and learned everything myself because I was really interested in it. I think anyone could do that.
@Jonnotie Thanks for posting and the kind words. We see it happening all of the time. Somebody takes an interest in something, then takes the steps to make it happen. Hopefully with Raise Your Flag, we can start connecting many more people to the things they want to be doing.
Great looking design.
This is basically a recruitment agency, nice marketing. I wonder if they have a training process in place for candidate placements or are purely referring a candidate to the hiring manager?
@acondurache Thanks for the comment. Ryan here, founder of Raise Your Flag. Just to clear things up, we're definitely not a recruiting agency ;) Yes part of the model looks like recruitment but it's more than simply matching a candidate to an open job for a company. Glad you also saw the need for training opportunities! We are currently adding training from a variety of sources to each career path so that users always have access to the next step.
@lunch_buddy I like the general principle, but poking around on your site I'm still not sure exactly what RYF actually does. How would you explain your value prop @lunch_buddy?
@natedesmond Thanks Nate! RYF allows users to explore career paths that don't require a degree or diploma and apply for jobs at any point along any career path. As our database of career paths continues to grow, we're able to do some pretty cool things in terms of career search, matching, training, credentialing etc. Hope that helps a bit.
@lunch_buddy re: careers, what has surprised you the most in terms of which ones require or don't require college degrees?
@eriktorenberg what has been most surprising is the people who have reached out, working for companies like NASA, Boeing, management in fortune 500 companies etc., who don't have any traditional post-secondary edu. It's really mind-blowing. The over-arching theme has been: the right experience/portfolio combined with a crazy eagerness to learn and willingness to work can bring a person to some amazing places.
Fucking yes, yes, a million times yes! Awesome Idea - excited to see where this goes.
@itsleesimpson haha thanks Lee. Stoked that you're stoked.