Raise Your Flag

Start an awesome career without a degree or diploma


Jonno Riekwel
@jonnotie · Founder of Polyon.co
This looks great. I personally think that people can succeed without that much wanted piece of paper. I don't have a degree and learned everything myself because I was really interested in it. I think anyone could do that.
Gerhard V Westhuizen
@swartskaap7 · Founder, Floatsquare
Great looking design.
Andrew Condurache
@acondurache · Founder
This is basically a recruitment agency, nice marketing. I wonder if they have a training process in place for candidate placements or are purely referring a candidate to the hiring manager?
Erik Torenberg
@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@lunch_buddy re: careers, what has surprised you the most in terms of which ones require or don't require college degrees?
Lee Simpson
@itsleesimpson · Senior Product Designer, ustwo
Fucking yes, yes, a million times yes! Awesome Idea - excited to see where this goes.