Rainier Travel Umbrella

An umbrella to shield you from the toughest of storms ☔

#5 Product of the DayJune 15, 2019
Constructed with an intensively-fortified frame of 12 fiberglass ribs and durable 190T pongee coated polyester, the Rainier Travel Umbrella will shield you from the toughest of storms. Made by a manufacturer who also produces for Nike and Samsonite.
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Reviewer is a Maker who did not even put an appropriate disclaimer. Hunter is also a Maker. Ummm...So I was excited about the product but once I went to the site, red flags started popping up. First off there is no address anywhere. I looked into the terms and conditions and even there no address. Worse it did not make clear which jurisdictional law would apply to the product. Was it NJ or NY? Digging deeper, I tried to find a privacy policy but was redirected to a 404 page(https://italic.com/privacy-policy). My suspicions were definitely aroused. So I checked the Instagram page and they have over 15K followers with not a SINGLE post. Page created in late 2018. FB is somewhat more realistic at over 1K likes but then the address is in LA. So that's 3 jurisdictions now. Their phone number does run into LA but no one picked up(yeah I am meticulous because I am writing something and putting my name to it). Running a Page Transparency onto FB showed that the admins were overwhelmingly from...CANADA. I was like wow. Anything more? All the accounts above were created in late 2018. So I checked on the review by Jeremy Cai and he is actually one of the MAKERS. So why is he reviewing this? At least let people know in a disclaimer that you are the maker. A DNS lookup rendered more interesting data but that was just icing on the cake. All in all, I wanted to buy this but at $20 are you getting an umbrella or giving your credit card info away?




1. Shady site with high probability of it being a scam. 2. Maker submitting own review and having his team upvoting. 3. Ships to US only.

So glad I read this before clicking that final purchase button. I actually came back to see if the maker left a PH discount code but found this comment instead. Thank you!
Isn‘t that just a dropship store?
@pascal_krason Yep seems shady AF. See my review above.
Thanks for your question! Italic is NOT a dropship site - we develop our own products fulfill orders from North America 📦✈
@jjeremycai But in a recent article, you specifically said that the manufacturing was outsourced, you just place a label on the product and ship it. OK so technically not 100% dropship but how is this any different from Samsonite or Nike which you so unabashedly put down in the product description on your website?
Really surprised they were able to game the PH system like this.
I have no money till now suffering ..Not give permanent where I am working since 9 to 10 yrs in private school but some dishonest who are not doing truthful works but gives benifit till now I am suffering ..Unpaid workers not our gov. don't takes actions such trustees, in which runs under schools , colleges U think how to way paid to my accounts needs ...Others things but such products I do not say it is not useful to me.
Should i buy this umbrella?
@amirromi2 What's holding you back? :)
@amirromi2 @jjeremycai How about all the potential red flags noted above?