Rainglow Color Themes

320+ color themes for a variety of editors and software.


Rainglow Color Themes is a collection of 320+ original color themes created by Dayle Rees for a variety of editors including VSCode, Jetbrains IDEs, Sublime Text, Atom and more. All themes feature a contrast and light variation. I hope you enjoy them!

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Joe Jollands
David Léonard
Josh Bruce
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  • Bruce Becker Ph.D.
    Bruce Becker Ph.D.Infrastructure guy. Skeptic. African.

    lots of choice. easy to add to your editor


    lots of chice

    I like a bit of variety in my eyediet, so I have a few go-to color schemes, in editors and terminals. But this is juts too much...

    Bruce Becker Ph.D. has used this product for one day.
  • Adrian Marin ⛵️
    Adrian Marin ⛵️Software Engineer, Two Tap

    A great diverse pallet of colours and contrasts


    I would love a "filter by colour" feature in the preview tool

    Such a nice place to get your theming for everything you use from the terminal to the code editor.

    Adrian Marin ⛵️ has used this product for one year.