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@exentrich Have you improved the customer service and product support aspect of Raindrop in addition to the exhaustive 10-item list? I paid for a Pro account on June 20th, 2016 (Order Number : 105946547346). To this day, my Raindrop account still tells me to upgrade and doesn't give me the Pro account features. I've emailed a few times, tweeted, "Send Us a Message" form (to which I received a "Thanks for the message, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!"... on August 22nd), I reached out through the Chrome Extension Store support, left a review there along with dozens of other negative reviews, and more. What sucks is that this is by far the best bookmark manager ever created—hands down—but the customer support is 100% non-existent, and I search weekly for a new competitor who I can jump ship to. I absolutely hate that feeling. Raindrop is just too good to drop it altogether, though. I use it all day, every day. I *WOULD* be telling everyone I know about it if I'd just get a response from June 20th, July 16th, August 22nd, and surely other times I'm not recalling, and if the Pro account I PAID FOR began working, I'd be your most loyal fan. It's a sad situation.
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@lee_peterson Hello! I am really sorry for too late response. I have no clue how it happen. For my apologize i upgraded your account for 1 extra year.
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@lee_peterson I can absolutely confirm this! Best bookmark app and worst support ever. @exentrich Man, if you can't find the time to answer all those tweets and emails (it's 2nd year now and I got ZERO replies) or you have problems with speaking on english - try to find and pay a person do this. Your number of PRO users would skyrocket in a several months. Raindrop is too good app to be treated this way.
@exentrich Thank you for the response, and thanks for the kind gesture. It's sincerely appreciated. I'm purchasing an additional year right now. I believe in your product and know that it'll end up going somewhere.
@exentrich Just signed up and love the product so far! I have tried a few similar products but none with this UI design - which I'm loving. I am hesitant to go pro from the other reviewers experiences but will do so to support your further development. Also, I have experience building and scaling support teams if you'd like to chat ;)
Last half of year we worked hard on next version of Raindrop.io. If you have not used Raindrop.io for awhile it's time to try again! In this release, we have improved the app in all respects: - Import now supports nested folders - Parser has been improved, now more accurately parse articles and links - Web app, desktop app and extension has been redesigned and now more customizable: font size, ability to change the size of the card, cover, hide or show the description of bookmarks and more - Themes (including dark) - Search is even smarter. It suggest filters depend on already entered criteria and current collection - Nested collections now displayed as tree in sidebar - 3-panel interface to read, view and edit bookmarks without losing context - Favourite bookmarks - Improved batch functions including ability to transfer multiple bookmarks at once - Fixed many bugs of previous version Web App, Chrome, Firefox, Opera extension and Mac app has been updated. Finally Windows users can also take advantage of our application.
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@exentrich Great job on the update!
@exentrich great job! There are some bugs found and suggestions here: http://reviewmonster.org/raindro...

I used to use Stache for my bookmarks before d3i abandoned the product (despite being paid). Stache was amazing for a couple reasons: when you bookmarked a webpage they captured the HTML and a really good full-page screenshot. They used the HTML to search and to render a preview of the page later if you were offline, and the screenshot was used for a thumbnail and to let you view the page as it was when you captured it, even if it changed or died since then. Alas, syncing broke in Stache a couple years ago and I switched over to Raindrop.

Raindrop initially had new features coming out frequently. It seemed like they were going to grow fast and start charging money once they had a healthy user base in order to hire on additional people. They did grow fast, but I think the single developer lost interest in developing it so the product stagnated and a traditional support channel never materialized. They did add a paid subscription, but with a modest additional featureset.

Most unfortunately, Raindrop has failed to figure out how to properly capture and resurface bookmarked pages. Thumbnails are often a small icon from the page blown up into pixelated oblivion and then cropped square. There is a feature to capture a screenshot of a page, but there's zero UI feedback once you opt into it on a given bookmark and it frequently doesn't work. Search is even worse: results are sorted by recency, there isn't an option to use relevancy, and Raindrop doesn't capture page content so only the page title and description are searched. Tags aren't even searched unless you specifically add the hash symbol, making the benefits of tagging limited.

I'm sure something else will come along and replace Raindrop for me eventually, but for now, I'll continue amassing useful links in an utterly unsearchable form in hopes that they'll suddenly become useful one day.


Easy bookmarking and categorization with syncing


Awful search and poor thumbnails make finding what you've bookmarked a challenge

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I have to agree. still no integration features... I'm wary of deciding on any app to put all my eggs in one basket. I guess Pinboard is always reliable, but... It's so plain
yo how about a promo code 😉 excellent app
@coreyward Raindrop has been improved significantly last year. Now we have full-text search as you requested in the comment. Reliability also improved, now I'm using true cloud architecture. Support requests now answered within days, not weeks as in the past. Hope you consider to try app again.
@exentrich Thanks for following up here. Great to see you're still at it! It's actually been a while since I last used Raindrop so I'm happy to give it another whirl.
I was a first-time user of Raindrop but by the time I imported all my Pocket items, my raindrop was a mess and I was unable to contact the Customer Support to have it clean. I'm giving it another try with a PRO account :) I love how you manage the import from others services. My main improvement advice will be: improve the search feature (use Algolia maybe?). Pocket lost me there, it's nearly impossible, when you save a lot of content, you find it when needed.
Good work! Nice update! But don't you think that this looks ugly? -> http://joxi.ru/n2Y5qxdujgeaj2