RadioPublic PRO

Podcast marketing tools for listener relationship management

🎨Customizable embed player moves listeners to subscribers—to your podcast and to your email newsletter
👀Market smarter by tracking conversions with podcast websites and landing pages that work with every platform and hosting company
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NOTE: We’re offering 20% off an annual RadioPublic PRO subscription until Friday, December 13, 2019 with the promo code PRODUCTHUNT. Hi everyone! Since we first launched Podsites earlier this year, we’ve been building an expanded set of professional tools for podcasters to grow and engage their audiences. Broadly defined, we call our services “LRM” - Listener Relationship Management. We hear from podcasters every day who are looking for more ways to help listeners discover their shows, and then start developing a more direct relationship by subscribing on their app of choice, joining an email newsletter, and eventually becoming a supporter or a customer - depending on the podcaster’s business model. RadioPublic PRO now includes our updated customizable embeddable podcast audio player, with a new feature we are particularly excited about: email acquisition. The podcaster can configure the embed player to turn on a customizable message inviting the listener to share their email address—all within the embed player—which is then sent directly to the podcaster’s email. Quite simple, and very effective. One more key point: the embed player works with all podcast hosting companies (which also means you don’t lose your marketing presence if you switch hosts), on any webpage, and is whitelisted for copy/paste use on Medium and Wordpress. In the meantime, we have also updated Podsites, adding the ability to: - accept direct tips - compose companion articles/blog posts - Google Analytics integration with event tracking - lots of SEO improvements including structured data and customizable metadata - rich social media sharing - Spanish language support - image gallery on the homepage - emoji support in listener testimonials (Ma’ayan on our team is excited about this one!) Check it all out, and let us know what you think.
@jakeshapiro It's true, I am always excited about emojis. Especially in listener testimonials!! 😍💖💯
Awesome @jakeshapiro! Podsites is a great resource for podcasters