Listen to news summaries in your browser, made by a 15 y/o πŸ’₯

Continuously listen to the latest radio news summaries from top providers such as NPR, BBC, ABC, even ESPN, right in your browser. Each is updated hourly. Fast, free & no ads.

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Hey PH! I'm a 15 year old who likes to listen to podcasts, so I thought I would build a tool for listening to the news quickly. plays the top summaries continuously and quickly, all in your browser. I started this project with a "I'll see if I can do it" mindset, as I just started my first computer science class last year. After a week of playing around with code, I'm stoked to announce this awesome player. I hope you like it!
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@w More power to you Riley πŸ™ Glad to see you shipping young and I think this is just the beginning for you :) Like the way you MVP'd it; maybe now convert it into a simple mobile app that could be bookmarked? Either ways, can't wait to see the other things you ship 🚒 P.S: If you wanna be a part of a community of really cool student makers from around the 🌏 like you, let me know ✨
@amrith Definitely, this would be a cool app to make. Feathrd looks awesome, I don't know why I didn't join sooner. Will submit an application now. Thanks!
@w I love it! The site is super clean and intuitive, I love that I just land there and click one button and *boom* you are already meeting my needs. Great clean product design.
Nice job @w! It's a handy way to listen to the news without all the other extra distractions.
@w hi Riley, congrats on your product. Do you have a content distribution deal with these news providers?
LOL β€œListen to news summaries in your browser, made by a 15 y/o” β€” I thought β€œwhy would I want to hear a 15yo reading news to me?” πŸ˜‚
@pixelmelter πŸ˜‚ Yeah, I don't think that would be a popular product
Nice, @w! Love the simplicity of the site. What, if anything, are you planning to add?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! I'm looking into adding more providers, maybe CBS and ABC (Australia). Long-term: possibly making an app version with Phonegap. Thanks for all the support today!

Love how to the point it is and is a clutter-free way to listen to just news :)

Think I'm gonna make this one of the primary ways I consume daily news πŸ™


Clean, minimal and just works.


Added mobile functionality and listen to news in the background on-the-go

Great website! Never listen to the news as a short summary and often just use dedicated apps but this is much more handy!


Love the simple design and great functionality


Would love keybind support for potentially pausing play outside of chrome