Like a Boosted Board, but a wakeboard (pre-launch)

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2014

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This looks so fun.
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I'm in love with it! Eager to try! Hope the battery lasts longer than an hour.
@nikitakorotaev Hey Nikita, it depends on your ride. I'd say a normal ride in mixed speeds is about 45-60 min. If you go full speed it's about 20-30 minutes. The batteries are removable, so having several packs will let you ride all you want.
Just found another company doing similarly awesome surf boards http://www.jet-surf.com/en/
I would dig to try out this thing. I'm an avid surfer and wakeboarder. To me the questions would be weight, maneuverability and then obviously transporting it. This could be awesome in the ocean if it's light.
@Jacquesvh Hey Jacques. Thanks for your interest. It's awesome with all the water sport enthusiasts out there! The weight is approx. 29kg incl. batteries, it turns similarly to wakeboarding except the thrust comest from the back instead of from the boat. It will be just under 2 meters and we easily fit it inside a Volvo V70 with the back seat down (sticking a bit between the front seats). It's light enough to jump with, though unfortunately we didn't get any great material when going in waves - but we'll leave some of the goodies for the next film. Best regards, Alex
@alexanderlind4 Thanks for the response Alex. It definitely sounds great. I'll definitely have to keep my eyes open for an opportunity to give this a go. Have a good day. Jacques
Shame there's no order info or timelines on the site.
@ashrust Hey Ash, sorry we've decided to provide less information on the site right now. We launched for pre-orders last week at the Cannes Yachting Festival and are now exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show. We will initially take pre-orders for about 30 units with delivery in april/may of next year. This is to ensure the quality of each board as well as delivery on time. Kind regards, Alex
@alexanderlind4 Is there a place I can pre order?
@ashrust Yes, just send me an email at alexander@radinn.com and I'll provide you with all the necessary information.