R&D tax credit calculator

Calculate your R&D tax credit estimate in under 60 seconds

This simple calculator will give you an estimate of the R&D credit you may be eligible for, in under 60 seconds.

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The R&D credit program is a powerful source of capital for all businesses, from startups to enterprises. By significantly reducing your federal and state tax liability dollar-for-dollar, you can invest more capital into your business and give yourself a competitive advantage. 40+ industries can take advantage of this credit, and your company does not even have to be profitable to qualify. Every year, thousands of companies claim more than $10 billion in federal R&D tax credits! Unfortunately, a large percentage of business owners are simply not aware (or are skeptical) of the R&D credit, and lose out on thousands of dollars every year. Our goal is to spread awareness and knowledge about this powerful tax credit program and help startups take advantage of it so they can grow their businesses. To aid us in this effort, we created a very simple calculator that will give you a high-level estimate of the credit you could expect to receive for a single year. Keep in mind, that you can claim credits in past years as well. I will be here all day to answer all of your questions. I look forward to helping as many people/startups as I can. Thank you all!
This is cool! In Pennsylvania you can actually sell your unused tax credits for cash 🤑 so if you’re company isn’t profitable (and you have unnecessary tax credits) you can earn extra funding
@swetzequity Yes, the ability to sell unused credits is a big deal! It helps so many companies in situations where they don't have tax to offset with the credit, and carrying the credit forward doesn't have any immediate benefit.
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