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#2 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2018

Quuu is well known for being the best place to go to find hand-picked quality content to share on social media. Until now our users have had to connect 3rd party schedulers to share their Quuu content suggestions. But today we're launching our very own scheduler complete with a built-in content recycling feature and lightening fill functionality!


  • David G. JohnsonFounder, Grow The Dream

    Love the content


    I can't think of any!

    Quuu's moderated content that auto-posts to my Twitter feed is outstanding. I've had a fantastic experience knowing that my Twitter account is always getting fresh, relevant new tweets!

    David G. Johnson has used this product for one year.
  • cr8tivNomad - Al Harjiinnovator, cr8tivMedia

    Sleek, Easy, Fast and Relevant



    My go to tool for content curation and now distribtion through my primary social networks, I keep enjoying the tool more each day as the functionality increases.

    cr8tivNomad - Al Harji has used this product for one year.


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Daniel KempeMakerPro@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co
Hello Product Hunt, thanks to @rrhoover and the PH team for continually pushing this positive community forward. So awesome to be back on Product Hunt and showing the community what we’ve been hard at work on with our small (but amazing) team! @Samcambridge, our developer has been working like a dog on the new Quuu features for a few months now. We even made him redesign the entire thing as we decided on a brand refresh last minute. We all think it was worth the extra work! What’s new? The Quuu Scheduler The main reason we built our own scheduling tool was that it was sometimes a sticking point for new users who didn’t already have a Buffer/HubSpot account. They just wanted to sign up and start sharing awesome content straight away. Content Recycling We all have certain content that could reach a larger audience if we were to share it more often. Now we’ve built a way for you to do that inside the Quuu Scheduler. HUGE shoutout to the Quuu team who all work incredibly hard on all aspects of running the company, from reviewing all that great content, keeping up with support and supporting the Quuumunity. What with Twitter clamping down on automation and bots, we’ve added some restrictions to our application and formulated our own Responsible Automation Policy - https://quuu.co/rap - As we’ve always said from the very start, Quuu is supposed to enhance what you share on social media, not replace it. Be human, be you, but still use Quuu ;-)
Jeroen Corthout ☕@jeroen_corthout · Co-Founder Salesflare
@nivo0o0 @rrhoover @samcambridge @danielkempe Congrats on the launch! Loving Quuu!
Matthew SpurrMaker@matthewspurr · Quuu.co
@nivo0o0 @rrhoover @samcambridge @danielkempe @jeroen_corthout Thanks Jeroen! We appreciate the support :-)
Daniel KempeMakerPro@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co
@jeroen_corthout Thanks man :-)
Vaibhav Gupta@vaibhavguptaghw · CEO, Growth Hack World
Daniel KempeMakerPro@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co
@vaibhavguptaghw Thank you man :-)
Lilach Bullock@lilachbullock · www.lilachbullock.com
Congratulations on being ‘product of the day’ - Quuu absolutely deserves it! I’m a big and loyal fan of both Quuu and Quuu Promote, and have been for years. Content curation is such an important part of a solid content marketing strategy and Quuu makes it very easy to not only find the best possible content but also to save time automating your updates. Anyway, awesome new update and can’t wait to see what’s next :)
Matthew SpurrMaker@matthewspurr · Quuu.co
@lilachbullock Thank you so much Lilach! The feeling it mutual, we're massive fans of yours. We're just so pleased that we can bring this update to our users, been wanting to wheel this out for ages :-)
Daniel KempeMakerPro@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co
@lilachbullock YES! Thanks so much Lilach!! We just want to help more people be successful on social :-)
Sydney Liu@sydney_liu_sl · Co-Founder of Commaful.com
Have always been really impressed with @danielkempe and team's work on the Quuu product! First, I want to say the team and customer service is 100% excellent. Whenever I've referred people to the product or wanted to try things, the team has been very fast and excellent with their help. This new update looks amazing! I love that it's no longer tied to Buffer. I see people posting from Quuu all over my feeds (or at least making an educated guess that it's from Quuu) and I can tell they all love it. I'm sure a lot of Commaful authors will find this useful too to help keep their social media posting active!
Daniel KempeMakerPro@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co
@sydney_liu_sl ThanQuuu Sydney, and thanks for continually referring your friends to Quuu, it means the world! Yes, we deemed it important enough to build our own tools so we don't need to rely on Buffer and HubSpot, but we'll always integrate with those guys to ensure we cover all bases :-)
Matthew SpurrMaker@matthewspurr · Quuu.co
@danielkempe @sydney_liu_sl ThanQuuu Sydney, that's music to our ears! :-) Thank you so much for your support, can't wait to see what you think of the scheduler and recycling tools. It's a pretty darn exciting upgrade for the app!!! Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.
Shane Barker@shane_barker · Digital Strategist
This is so awesome! I've always been a huge fan Quuu (and Quuu Promote) but these new features make me a rabid fan! Great job as usual gentlemen ==> @danielkempe @matthewspurr @samcambridge
Daniel KempeMakerPro@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co
@matthewspurr @samcambridge @shane_barker Thanks so much for your continued support Shane :-)
Hans van Gent@jcvangent
Good to see Quuu going full circle :-) Keep up the good work guys!
Matthew SpurrMaker@matthewspurr · Quuu.co
@jcvangent Thanks Hans, this is something that was always on the plan, right from conception of the idea. But because we just wanted to get to market and given that the content suggestions themselves are our main focus we decided it was just best to connect up to Buffer (who are an amazing company as you know). But we're so thrilled to now own our very own scheduler on Quuu!! :-) Thanks for the support as always mate