A tiny app that sends you one startup quote a day.

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Could this be implemented in email/SMS/Slack etc?
@drewshah1234 We can do that for sure. SMS would be cool...
@williamchanner I like it and am using it, but I was thinking, yet another app to download. By the way, nice work!
@drewshah1234 @williamchanner messenger would be a good option as well
I would have up voted if an Android version was available :P 😅 =D Sounds cool. Will there be an Android version of the app, @williamchanner? :)
@mohitgangrade @williamchanner don't succumb to peer pressure, iOS master race! Just kidding, you should totally build it if you know how 😊
@giladronat @mohitgangrade @williamchanner I bet that if we had also an Android version somebody would have asked for a web app :)
@mohitgangrade you can try my chrome extionsion for pc :) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
A little product from http://panda.network. Get a gem of wisdom every morning through a startup quote. You can read more on medium https://medium.com/@williamchann.... The vision for Quoteplay is to build a massive resource of inspiring startup quotes. This is a step in that direction. Let us know what you think in the comments or just email us: hello@panda.network Panda love!
This is really cool, makers! Thanks for sharing :) Really enjoy the simplicity of the app and love the focus on figuring out if this is something people find valuable. Personally, it's been on my todo list to build a little app that I can load things into and it texts me one of those things at random once per day. This is less 'quotes' and more 'ideas' I want to keep top of mind but are tough to internalize just from reading it once. An example might be "Management's role is to communicate everything you know with the team - especially priorities". I would put this into the app, every so many days it's chosen to be texted to me and I can spend 2 minutes in the morning thinking about it :) Currently I just have these things sitting 'unprocessed' in my todo app inbox so I can glance at them daily. Just a misc idea in case it sparks any thoughts for you :) Good luck with the app, congrats on launch!
@suprasannam Would using a todo app that texts reminders to you solve this?
@animeshs Great thought! It could but I'd have to manually set a reminder time for item 1 then item 2, etc and re-do this on some fixed cadence :) Automating that part might reduce the barrier enough to make it easy / consistent.
@suprasannam this is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.
I had a lof of fun building this with @williamchanner and it's great to see that you like it :)