Quote Block

Extract text from books, create your own quote scrapbook

Quote Block is an app that allows you to extract text from books, add tags to the quotes, and share it with your friends. You can look up the quotes and tags when you want to review some book, need some inspiration or vaguely remember that phrase you need to use now!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Great solution to a manual task. Are you able to natively share quotes to social platforms?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks so much for sharing your thought πŸ˜ƒ. Yes you will be able to share the quotes to all social platforms (twitter, facebook etc).
Would be great to include source with the saved quote. Organize by source.
@imbwealth Thanks very much, really appreciate your suggestion. You will be able to add source as a tag and search all the quotes for that tag. Would you prefer to have an explicit textfield to enter the source instead ? Let me know your thoughts πŸ˜„.
Oh, my word. Is there any chance that this app might turn up for Android? Or is there even an alternative available?
@niklaspivic666 Thanks for sharing your interest, we are in works of getting the Android version out. Will keep you posted.
@jacqueline_2018 Thanks, Jacqueline! I'll gladly alpha/beta test it if you'd like. I work for a software development company, and I'm used to testing and doing QA. Cheers!
The OCR seem pretty bad.
@stoweboyd Thanks for your feedback. Sorry it did not work in your case, we are constantly improving our OCR model to make it robust. If you could share a screenshot to culvertinc@gmail.com we would be happy to work with you to get it resolved as soon as possible.
Great Idea for an App! This App has a clean UI, ad free and OCR worked as intended without any delay. I was able to save and retrieve quotes from pics, screenshots and webpages. Observed that OCR accuracy is great on screenshots/webpages.
@arun_jude Thanks for your review. We are glad it works for you.