A new way to listen to music through collaboration

Hi ProductHunters, Thanks for having me! Quorus is a way to listen to music through collaborations! My friend and I have been working on Quorus (pronounced same as “Chorus”) the past few months and we really enjoyed using it among ourselves, and now we look forward to sharing that experience with a few of you. In a nut shell, Quorus allows you to start a live music session with existing songs and let others join in to not only listen along, but also add/contribute songs. A perfect example of when we use Quorus is when a group of us are in the car, instead of one person put his/her music on the stereo, we let him/her start a Quorus session and each of us add songs to that session so the music plays all of our songs fairly. (Yes, there’s always that one friend who only adds Justin Bieber songs lol) Quorus works great for parties too, let us know what else you use Quorus for! Note: The music is streamed through Spotify, you don’t need Spotify installed, but you’ll want to have a Spotify Premium account to enjoy all the features of Quorus. Spotify is currently running a promotion on 3 months of Premium service for $0.99 (We are NOT affiliated with Spotify. If you recently signed up for Spotify, and you were wondering if it’s worth it, why not tryout our app and put your Spotify service to good use :) ). App available for iOS & Android. We tested the app amongst ourselves and things are fine, very minor hiccups here and there. We’re ironing those problems out, so please be patient with the app :P Since I only anticipate just a few of you trying out the app, our web server should be enough, but if significant slowdown occurs, I’ll definitely resolve it as soon as I can. Thanks for your time, enjoy the music!
@q115115 Sounds awesome! Excited to try it out and excited to try it out later today with a friend of mine