Show retargeting ads to those who ignored your email

Quokka shows retargeted messages to those who ignored your email, so they never miss something important from you.

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Hey Product Hunt! Thank you, Kevin, for hunting us :) During the last two years, my goal was to help startups to launch or scale their products. As a mentor at Google Launchpad, Startup Grind, and some other events/companies, I had a conversation with more than 200 companies from early seed to late C stage. I noticed all of them make one mistake. I'm talking about marketing. As a marketer for 8 years, I know it's easy (with some kind of fun) to increase some super small metric. And it’s the right way to grow faster. But here is the problem. Instead of getting growth for micro conversions, we can try a new traffic channel, for example. And I found out that almost every company I was talking to, is using email. And open rates they have is 25-30%. They spend a lot of time to increase it, but hey, what if I say to you that you can easily reach people who ignored your email? What if we are facing with a misconception of email? If someone didn't open our email and didn't get our message why we are trying to run A/B test on numbers of letters in the title? And here is exactly what Quokka does for you. IIt connects to your MailChimp or CampaignMonitor account, searches for users who didn’t open your emails and creates custom audiences on FB based on these people. And updates them every 2-3 hours to avoid overloading. I have found out that the most effective way to boost a revenue is to change a channel you are using to deliver your message. We are building a tool which will connect to your analytics/CRM/email marketing solution and then allow you to use any data to return your customers. And finding the best source to show your message will be our problem, not yours :) So, now I'm happy to show you our small MVP. Make your email seek out! Any feedback, recommendation and integration request is highly appreciated! :) P.S. Use "Quokkaisanewcat" to get 30% off lifetime :)
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@ruslannaz Nice, I want to check it, thanks for you job!
@ruslannaz sounds like really useful tool!
Hi! Nice tool! Are you going to integrate it with other marketing automation or sales automation tools?
@ilya_azovtsev Yep, it's our next step!
@ilya_azovtsev looking forward for integration with other ESPs
@ton_lam hey, can you share a few tools you want us to integrate with?

Nice tool to connect user touchpoints with a smooth process and not to get crazy :)


Multichannel marketing in action. Definitely should try it out


Don't see any

HEALTHY IS MANDATORY Hello Friends, The information you share is very interesting. I want more information from you,Thank you
Great product!
@ruslannaz Absolutely something we need, like the thought process of changing channels—perfect out of the box thinking. Great work buddy! I've got a question about integrations. Since we're moving all our email marketing—targeted already qualified leads and existing users (to upsell)—to Intercom, do you provide a way to connect to intercom as well, if not, do you plan to do so?
@martijn_verbove hey, thank you mate! Intercom is a huge question for us. They don't provide an API we need, and we are trying to solve this problem :)