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Adam and the Sandwich Video team knocked this one out of the park. I didn't fully appreciate the new apps potential until I saw this. A perfect example from @msuster's new blog post on ways to explain what your startup does.
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"Friendship is magic" - @lonelysandwich 😀
QuizUp moves into a second generation for its mobile trivia game, and it will relaunch through a new app and website with a focus on social networking. This retooled QuizUp sees new design and functionality, including a follower model, a home feed, and a topics tab system that lets users navigate through more than 1,200 quiz topics and 600,000 questions. A home tab lets others follow player profiles and preferred quiz topics, and a new interface was designed around exploration and networking. The company hopes to build communities based on topics of interest from its pool of players through this relaunch.
1) That's my new favourite promo video for an app, love it. It really encapsulates everything I love this app. 2) I really like this latest update. I always loved the social aspect of Quiz Up. I know that won't appeal to some Quiz Up users, but I think it takes the app to a higher level that more people will love. It makes it stickier and more engaging / fun. 3) Can someone start a Product Hunt channel? I think I can beat Ryan. :)
@iemmett re: Product Hunt channel - We have a topic for Tech and App Logos, perhaps start there?
Added to my quizzing collection: http://www.producthunt.com/@hupf... I'm of two minds with this. The redesign is snazzy, and quizzing can be a social endeavor so the direction makes total sense. But, in my experience, it's social in a team-centric context. Namely, you're getting to know teammates, and possibly meeting new people as they join you. (That's happened to me just last night at my usual pub game.) I don't know any of the people on the teams I regularly compete with; we have a camaraderie, sure, but not a friendship. I'm a little skeptical how well friendships will form in this context.
@hupfen they built this based on demo started behavior so they are seeing clear signs that users are already forming relationships even in the context of competition
@hupfen The social part we're aiming at is more the connecting through the interests, than in the act of quizzing by itself. You play a game of QuizUp with someone in Pokémon, maybe a couple of rematches, then check out their profile and see that they're a pretty cool person - they also like Classical Music and the Boston Redsox (just like you). You send a chat, and then a couple more, and it might just end up in a beautiful friendship (or marriage). And it doesn't have to be only 1 to 1 connections, we've also seen concentrated groups of people - communities - come to life within QuizUp. We've had stories like these sent to us, people of all ages meeting each other through Big Bang Theory or Lord of the Rings, across the Atlantic Ocean and across states and getting married! This was possible in the first version of QuizUp, and we wanted to make this easier, nicer and more accessible to all :-)
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